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Drone Survey, Geospatial Data Management / GIS Mapping / Data Conversion & Updation (GIS)

Map based activities, data management/conversion/updation

Transform data into a digital format. Fresh Interpretation and preparation of GIS database.

  • Preparation of digital map from paper or analog map
  • Scanning and conversion of old maps to gis format data
  • Satellite data interpretation 
  • Geographical data generation using CTS/MOTS/Open source
  • Geotagging
  • Attribute data creation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data conversion in required formats
  • Edge-matching
  • Topology building
  • Rubber sheeting
  • Digitisation / Feature Extraction point,line,polygon   
  • Photogrammetry
  • Orthorectification
  • DEM/DTM/GPS Data
  • Datum conversions, transformations, and projections
  • Land use / Land Cover mapping
  • Wetlands mapping
  • Infrastructure mapping (road,railways)
  • River, Streams, water bodies
  • Satellite imagery analysis
  • Administrative boundaries district, states, constituencies, circles, block, ward, village level
  • Voter data integration
  • Contour generation
  • Soil and Water quality mapping
  • Data analysis using Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning/Data Visualisation

Data preparation printing and plotting activities

  • Data layering
  • Data editing 
  • Data manipulation
  • Data structuring
  • Data mapping
  • Printing in A3, A0, A1,A2, A4
  • Digital data in pdf, jpeg and other formats.

Survey activities

  • Mobile GPS
  • Garmin GPS Survey
  • DGPS, Total Station 
  • Drone Survey
  • Questionnaire survey


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