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  • Work with domain experts in various research and development projects to attain real experience.
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  • Get a chance to work on some of our clientele based projects 
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Learn by doing a research project- take a hands on working project after completing your training

We are set apart by our project based courses. Learn from the industry experts if you want an industry job.

1. Project Title: Capstone project on oil and energy exploration

Project description: obtaining knowledge about the energy exploration sectors including the searching, exploration , drilling and extracting of resources and the interaction with the environment.

Keywords: land management, environmental monitoring, data index mapping

Scope: locate and study the minerals underground to get an estimate of the amount of oil and gas.

Geodatabase includes: geoinformation, satellite imageries, attribute dataset

2. Title: Capstone project on illegal and illicit mining

Project description: to monitor the trend and pattern of illegal and illicit mining activities, changes in the environmental conditions and human lives

Keywords: resources, reclamation, environmental risk monitoring

Scope: understand the urgency to cease illegal activities so as to stop negative environmental consequences and health risks

Geodatabase includes: geographic data, geological sheets or structural data, feature data

3. Title: Capstone project on Wildlife Conservation

Project description: importance to extinction of species, climate and habitat change and detecting animal-human conflict

Keywords: endangered species, poaching, climate change

Scope: to protect species , build an environment as per their climatic requirement and no human trespassing at any cost

Geodatabase includes: geographic information, feature datasets

4. Title: Risk reduction methods and modelling using terrain analysis

Project description: understanding the role of gis technology in disaster management , urban planning and soil and water conservation

Keywords: weathering, soil water degradation, urban flood assessment, earthquake monitoring

Scope: to solve natural disasters

Geodatabase includes: locational data, satellite data, attribute data


5. Title: Capstone project on forest fires conservation & Management using gis

Project description: detecting the areas of destruction and non-destruction caused by fire in the forest cover, monitoring the impact on wild lives and fatality cases.

Keywords: wild fire, natural disaster, landscape

Scope: find cause and impact that has made changes in the natural and human habitat and ways to reduce forest fires to smaller areal extent

Geodatabase includes: locational data, satellite imageries(MODIS, LPDAAC), thermal anomalies database


6. Title: Capstone project on crime analysis

Project description: involves in analyzing and studying the crime patterns in association with gis

Keywords: law enforcement, justice, violence, criminal

Scope: to find out the highest crime density areas, study the type of crime, trend and pattern of occurrence

Geodatabase includes: locational data, attribute database, open street maps

7. Title: Capstone project on Resource Management

Project description: to understand the human –environment relationship , the conflict between them under every perspective

Keywords: resources, afforestation, biodiversity, environmental monitoring, population explosion

Scope: to monitor the trend of growth of population, implement developmental plans without hampering the environment and biodiversity

Geodatabase includes: satellite data, demographic data, lulc data and locational data

8. Title: Capstone project on Water Resource Management

Project description: plans the measures of distributing and managing use of water resources as per availability in the aquifers in urban areas.

Keywords: water resource, ground water, aquifer, water cycle, rain water

Scope: to implement management techniques by applying surface and ground water hydrology as per water demand and consumption.

Geodatabase includes: watershed data, rainfall data, satellite data (dem), surface and ground water data

9. Title: Capstone project on flood analysis and prediction modelling

Project description: Flood analysis corresponding to the frequency and accumulation of flow of water from its baseline.

Keywords: natural disaster, man-made disaster, hydrology, rainfall

Scope: to understand the causes of frequently flood affected areas and implement ways and measures for reduction of risk.

Geodatabase includes: geodatabase, rainfall data, digital elevation model, satellite images

10. Title: Rooftop rainwater harvesting, an alternate solution for urban cities

Project description: This project provides environment friendly means of meeting the    water requirements in urban cities

Keywords: urban water supply, rain water harvesting, geospatial analysis

Scope: finding out roof yield analysis for 500mm rainfall and total annual yield per year

Geodatabase includes: satellite data( landsat, cartosat, LISS-1, LISS-2 and LISS-3), rainfall data

11. Title: Land use land cover with geospatial approach

Project description: This project encompasses concerns related to climate change, biodiversity loss, human population, monitoring soil, air and water

Keywords: multispectral images, land use land cover, resource management

Scope: understand land use land cover changes over a period of time, the changes that can be commonly detected in urban areas

Geodatabase includes: classified satellite imagery, level 1 and level 2 classes of lulc, temporal land use data

12. Title: Case study on geographical importance in political and administrative counselling

Project description: spatial relationships in human behaviour in accordance with geographical features. Coorelation between multiple variables like sex ratio, urban population, sc st population, physiography, land use, vegetation, mineral resources and its role in political participation

Keywords: economic regions, spatial relationships

 And political participation

 Scope: relationship between social, occupational and physical characteristics

Geodatabase includes: electoral agencies and linear relationship

13. Title: Estimation of surface runoff

Project description: Finding out total estimation of surface runoff during floods.

Keywords: gis and remote sensing, hydrology analysis, catchment area, run off

Scope: analyze and assess change detection and to calculate surface runoff catchment, assess lulc changes

Geodatabase: soil classification data, landsat data, cartosat data 30 m resolution, erdas

14.Title: Rainfall and its impact on rural urban migration(case study)

Project description:

Keywords: migration, population,

Scope: focus on rural urban migration during monsoon season to observe migration pattern and evaluate employment status and socio economic conditions

15. Project Title: Monitoring crop health and yield estimation

Project description: observe the irrigated crop health, measures to improve and have an estimate of crop yield before harvesting.

Keywords: agriculture, harvest, food safety, economic impact, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

Scope: find cause of deteriorating crop health and the impact on crop productivity

Geodatabase includes: locational data, satellite imageries

16. Project title: Monitoring disease spread and the affected population. (Disaster Management)

Project description: finding patterns between disease starting point, the spread and risk factors and detecting the source of disease

Keywords: health, disease, healthcare management

Scope: reduce spread of disease

Geodatabase includes: geographic information, demographic data, locational data of healthcare facilities

17. Project title: Monitor sales stock and analyze customer profile (Case study Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, etc.)

Project description: Maintain, capture information and generate reports of sales to understand and build a better relationship with the clients

Keywords: stock exchange, sales, marketing, clients, demands

Scope: Understand and know the customers point of view based on ratings, reviews from customer profiling

Geodatabase includes: geodatabase of previous sales, customer’s profile and location data

18. Project title: Air pollution monitoring and the risks associated. (Disaster Monitoring & Management)

Project description: Studying the cause of air pollution, locating areas mostly affected and detecting the source of air pollution

Keywords: Industrialization, health hazard, fresh air, healthy environment

Scope: to understand the health effects of unhealthy breathing and measures to reduce air pollution

Geodatabase includes: Air quality index(AQI), location data

19.Project title: Predicting River Systems course change pattern analysis using latest Spatial analysis and Aerial Imaging Technologies.

Project description: monitor the course change pattern and analyze the changes

Keywords: hydrology, meandering course, shoreline, erosion

Scope: study the pattern of low of river with due course of time and cause of change of pattern

Geodatabase includes: shoreline data, soil properties data, rainfall data

20. Project title: Runoff potential analysis using- Artificial Neural Network & Cellular Automation Model

Project description: understanding the hydrological structure to have an estimate on total runoff

Keywords: Hydrology, rainfall, flood, land degradation

Scope: to acquire quick suggestions and forecast floods which are very sudden and of short duration

Geodatabase includes: watershed data, rainfall data, runoff data

21. Project title: Monitoring urbanization & Urban sprawl. CBD study in Metropolis.

Project description: to find out the trend and pattern of urbanization, cause and provide developmental suggestions

Keywords: urban sprawl, migration, standard of living, Normalized Difference Built up Index

Scope: to articulate sustainability

Geodatabase includes: satellite imageries, geoinformation, demographic data