Course: 1Year GIS Analyst Post Graduate Certification Program (PGCP)

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About This Course:

The GIS Analyst Post-Graduate Program is a comprehensive one-year course designed to equip students with advanced skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis. This program has been updated and tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in GIS and pursue careers in fields such as urban planning, environmental management, geospatial intelligence and data analysis.

  • Recent Graduates
  • Professionals Seeking Career Transition as
    GIS Technicians or Analysts
  • Government and Industry Professionals
  • Researchers and Academics
  • International Students
  • Placement Incubation Program  assistance with interview preparation process.
  • Guidance on resume profile building and improve social marketability reach across industries. 
  • Get access to professional networking and career development platform that helps employment seekers and employers to connect seamlessly.
  • 100% Placement assistance as per industry requirements pan India.
  • 4 months GIS Based Project Internship.
  • We  provide our students with unparalleled opportunities by connecting them with leading companies across India, ensuring they gain valuable industry exposure and forge promising careers.
  1. Foundations of GIS: Explore the fundamental principles of GIS, including spatial data structures, coordinate systems and data acquisition techniques. Gain proficiency in using industry oriented GIS software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, and open-source tools.
  2. Spatial Analysis Techniques: Learn advanced spatial analysis techniques such as spatial interpolation, network analysis, and raster analysis. Understand how to apply these techniques to solve real-world problems in various domains
  3. Remote Sensing: Delve into remote sensing technologies and learn how to interpret satellite imagery, aerial photography and LiDAR data. Understand the principles of image processing and classification for land cover mapping and change detection.
  4. Database Management: Master the concepts of geodatabase design and management. Learn to create, query, and manipulate spatial databases using SQL and other database management systems.
  5. Cartography and Visualization: Develop skills in cartographic design and map production. Explore techniques for creating visually compelling maps and interactive web mapping applications.
  6. Spatial Modeling and Geostatistics: Explore spatial modeling techniques such as spatial regression, geostatistical analysis, and predictive modeling. Learn how to apply these methods to analyze spatial patterns and make informed decisions.
  7. Project Management in GIS: Gain practical experience in project planning, execution, and evaluation within a GIS context. Learn how to manage GIS projects effectively, including data collection, analysis, and presentation.
  8. Special Topics in GIS: Explore emerging trends and applications in GIS, such as spatial big data analysis, 3D GIS, and geospatial artificial intelligence. Stay updated with the latest developments in the field.
  9. Capstone Project: Apply your skills and knowledge acquired throughout the program to complete a capstone project. Work on a real-world GIS project under the guidance of experienced faculty members, integrating multiple GIS techniques and presenting your findings effectively.

 Post training  completion trainees can pursue various career opportunities in government agencies, urban planning departments, research institutions and private industries. Potential job roles include GIS analyst, spatial data scientist, geospatial intelligence analyst, urban planner, environmental consultant and GIS project manager.

By the end of the program, students will have a strong foundation in GIS principles, advanced spatial analysis techniques and practical experience in applying GIS to solve complex problems, making them highly competitive in the rapidly growing field of geospatial technology.

Software/Technology Used

Learn on industry leading GIS software’s: Q-GIS, Arc Gis Pro, Micro Station AutoCad, Scikit-learn, 

Programming: Apache Tomcat, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Google Maps API,

Geographic Information System (GIS) software, Remote Sensing software: Mapbox, Map Guide, Leaflet, Open Layers, GRASS GIS, Map info Pro, Global Mapper, Open Street Map Google Earth Engine, Google Earth Pro, Remote Sensing, ERDAS Imagine, LiDAR, Google Earth Studio, Arc GIS Online, Geospatial Data Science using AI Technologies.

Prerequisite Skills

Basic computer skills, Foundational Knowledge in Geography, Baseline Mathematics and Statistics, Programming Skills (Optional)

While possessing these prerequisite skills can be beneficial, the program is structured to accommodate students with varying levels of prior knowledge and experience. Additionally, students will have opportunities to further develop these skills throughout the program through coursework, hands-on projects, and collaboration with peers and instructors.

Course Details:

Course Name: GIS Analyst Post Graduation Program
Duration: 12 months 
Start Date: as per your convenience
Course Fee: Rs 1,44,000+18%GST (monthly instalment available)
Mode of Delivery: The course will be delivered through a combination of live instructor-led sessions, practical exercises, case studies, and assignments. We also offer access to recorded sessions for review and self-paced learning.

Course Content:
Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
GIS Data Acquisition and Management Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Lidar, Python, Artificial Intelligence in GIS
Practical Applications and Case Studies, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, AWS
Project Work and Assessment
PDF attached above for reference

Admission Procedure:

Application Form: Please fill out the online application form available on our website []. Ensure all required fields are completed accurately.
A recent passport-sized photograph
A valid id and address proof
Confirmation: Once your application and documents are reviewed, you will receive an email confirmation along with further instructions regarding the course joining.
Enrollment: Upon successful verification of your documents and payment, you will be officially enrolled in the course. An introductory session will be scheduled prior to the start of the course to familiarize you with the course structure and the learning platform.

We believe this training will greatly enhance your GIS skills and open up new career opportunities. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for choosing GIS Vision India for your GIS education. We look forward to welcoming you to our training program.

Course Name: GIS Analyst (PGCP)

Course Duration: 12 Months 

Class Duration: Monday to Friday

For Class Timings Contact us. 

Mode of Training: Instructor Led Live 1:1 Online Classroom Training. 

Price INR: Rs 1,44,000* + GST (Instalment available) 

Delivery Pattern: The course will be delivered through a combination of live instructor-led sessions, practical exercises, case studies, and assignments. We also offer access to recorded sessions for review and self-paced learning.

Informative message

  • Enrollment Date: Students can start the course at their convenience.
  • Class Timings: Given the time difference between other countries and India, we can adjust the class timings to suit your availability. We typically offer classes from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (IST). However class timings can be flexible as per students convenience.
  • Tutor Profile: Our tutors are highly experienced and qualified in GIS. They hold Master’s degrees or industry certifications and have minimum 5+ of teaching experience and working in various client based projects in GIS. They are dedicated to delivering quality education and ensuring that students grasp concepts effectively.
  • Resources/Study Material/Software: During the course, students will have access to a comprehensive set of resources and study materials. This includes GIS Exercise Databases, notes softcopies, online lectures, practice exercises to enhance their learning experience. We also provide access to industry-standard GIS software enabling hands-on practice and skill development.
    With these details in hand, you can proceed with enrollment more efficiently.

Note: To secure admission, make the payment  through direct account deposit payable to GIS Vision India using the account details provided. Secure Transactions with Online Banking/NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/Western Union Money transfer. 
Post payment you will automatically receive a confirmation email with online class joining id, software toolkit and pre requisite requirements for joining the training. An orientation class will be scheduled promptly.