Course : 3 Months Advanced GIS (Geographical Information System) & Photogrammetry Training.

Introduction :

This is an advanced gis training module aimed to provide advanced analytical and methodological skills in Geographic Information System, Remote sensing, Geodata science, satellite image analysis, Spatial Data Analysis techniques and their applications in various fields. Trainees and students will get to access rich gis data repositories with over 1000 GIS layers to work on for the best hands on working experience. 


This course is aimed to build your GIS knowledge to be more competitive with analytical skills and provide you with a personalised gis learning path. Career & Technical skill  Development Professional Training for better job opportunities. 

Who can Apply?

B.A/B.Sc/MA/M.Sc/Phd/Post Doc./Research Scholars/Working Professionals.

GIS & Remote Sensing Industry Training Modules : (Software Based hands on practical training)

Software: Some of the most Industry best softwares are used during the training like q gis, mapinfo, arc gis, eardas img., google earth, google engine, isro bhuvan, bhunidhi, earth explorer and many more. Trained for being a geo spatial data analyst and (gis) geographical information system data drafting. 

Topic: 1 Fundamentals of Geographical Information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry

Topic :2 Types of Data- Raster Data & Vector Data

Topic :3 Spatial & Non Spatial Data Analysis 

Topic: 4 World Coordinate System (WCS) 

  • Geographic Coordinate System (WGS 1984 / EPSG: 4326 /EPSG:3857)
  • Projected Coordinate System (UTM Zones)

Topic :6 Spatial Editing Tools

  • Reshaping Features
  • Cut Polygon
  • Editing Vertices
  • Tracing Features

Topic: 8 Spatial Adjustment Tools

  • Edge match
  • Topology Checker
  • Rubber sheeting
  • Transformation

Topic :9 Advanced GIS Editing Tools.

  • Trim
  • Intersect
  • Extend
  • Explode

Topic: 10 Thematic Mapping.

  • Unique Values
  • Graduated Colours
  • Graduated Symbols
  • Dot Density /Graph/ Chart/ Polygons

Topic :11 Transformation and projection.

  • Re-projection
  • Assigning coordinate system
  •  Assigning Global ID.

Topic: 12 Analysis Tools

  • Extract
  • Overlay
  • Proximity-
  • Buffer 
  • Thiessen Polygon
  • Nearest Neighbour
  • Statistics

Topic : 13 Photogrammetry: High Resolution Satellite Imagery Analysis:

  • IRS,LISS Series
  • Cartosat series (Band Combination for TCC/FCC/NIR)
  • Sentinal Series
  • Landsat Series
  • Hyperspectral Imagery Analysis

Topic : 14 Image Classification:  

  • Maximum likelihood Classification
  • Iso Cluster unsupervised Classification
  • Land Use Land Cover
  • Change Detection Analysis
  • Accuracy Assessment
  • Pixel Value calculations

Topic :15 Heat Mapping

  • Density Mapping
  • Interpolation Tools
  • Kriging

Topic: 16 Digital Elevation Modelling 

  • Digital Terrain Modelling 
  • (DEM) / TIN Creation
  • Digital Surface Modelling

Topic: 17 Hydrological Analysis

  • Morphometric Analysis
  • Bathymetric Analysis.
  • Stream Ordering etc.

Topic: 18 Image Indexing: Remote Sensing 

  • NDBI
  • NDWI
  • NDVI 
  • Land Surface Temperature (LST) 

Topic: 19 Data layering

  • Data editing 
  • Data manipulation
  • Data structuring
  • Data mapping

Topic : 20 3D Analysis 

  • 3D Visualisation 
  • 3D Maps 
  • 3D Simulation 
  • 3D Models

Topic 20:

  • Terrain Analysis and Modelling
  • Site Suitability Analysis
  • Slope/ Hill shade / Shadow analysis

Topic: 21

  • Web GIS
  • Web Publishing
  • Web Mapping

Topic: 22

  • Network Analysis
  • Route Optimisation
  • Nearest Facility

Topic 23: Geocoding / Geotagging

  • Used in Web Mapping
  • Tagging images and coordinates

Topic 24: Drone Data Imagery Analysis

  • Image Orthomosaic
  • Image to Image georeferencing

Topic 25: Data Conversion Tools 

  • Table to Excel/GPX to Features/KML to Layer/Shape file to DWG/ DWG to Shp.


  • Future career opportunities. 
  • 100% Practical based training.
  • GIS Industry job training skill
  • Get hands on working experience.
  • Project publication. 

Jobs & Career.

  • Get Job ready
  • Gain industry experience.
  • 100% Internship opportunity.
  • Placement assistance.
  • Career development.

Duration and Fee Details:

  • Course Name: 3 Months Advanced GIS & Photogrammetry Training 
  • Class Duration: 3 Class per week/1 hour per class (alternative days) 
  • Mode of Training : Instructor Led 1:1 Live Interactive class via  
  • Program Duration : 3 Months 
  • On successful completion a training certificate will be awarded.
  • Post training support available for doubts and questions.  
  • Class Timings: Classes are generally conducted between 07:00 am to 09:00 pm (Indian Standard Time). Trainee can select a time slot between 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Price : Rs 54000.00/- (all inc.)   
  • Currently available at : Rs 49500.00/- (all inc.) available at this price for a limited period only i.e. 30th March 2023 * season end discount * only 6 limited seats left () book your seat now. 
  • New Batch starts from 24th, 27th, 28th & 30th March 2023.
  • April Batch Admissions Open. 
  • Standard instalment permisible as per guidelines at Rs 16500.00/-*
  • Payment Options : Secure Transactions with Online banking/Google Pay/NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/UPI/Western Union Money transfer. To join for the training please fill the admission form below. You will automatically receive payment receipt and access further information via call/email. For any further information please contact us. 
  • Note: Fee includes course material like course manual in pdf format, a zipped folder with exercise database, softwares and a certificate of training completion. which will be made available to the participant both during and after the conclusion of the training.