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What is this gis course about? This course is meant for a complete learning package in gis technology which can be applicable in all  fields where spatial analysis is required. This is a one stop solution for all your gis needs. On Training completion you can apply your gis mapping skills in multiple fields of study and per the need of the work.

About us: We provide GIS training to globally based students and professionals to implement Geospatial Technology as per their field of study and research. Learn from the best trainers who have years of training experience to students and professionals across the globe. Trainers are well versed in GIS concepts and professionally trained from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing IIRS.

Mode of Training: The trainings are provided in live 1:1 instructor led classroom trainings with easy learning and understanding tools for the best learning experience.

Learning Materials: Trainees will be provided with a zip folder containing gis database with highly curated industry relevant exercise modules which are easy to understand and easily applicable in gis software tools for the best practical hands on learning experience.

Software used for online classes: Zoom, Google meet, webx, team viewer, any desk or any other remote desktop controller software used by the client as per convenience.

Language of Training: English or Hindi (IELTS Certified)

Course Details:

Name of Course: 1 Month Development Training (GIS & Remote Sensing)

Duration: 1 Month / 5 sessions per week / total 20 sessions

Class hours: up to 2 hours per class

International Certification : Yes

Post Training Support Available: Yes

Class Timings: Based on Indian Standard Time

100% practical based hands on software training

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, Sensors, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Satellite Imagery, GNSS, GCP, WCS and other essential concepts for better understanding on the subject.
  2. Raster data and Vector Data
  3. Image Georeferencing
  4. Assigning Coordinate system
  5. Defining Projection system
  6. Attribute data creation
  7. Spatial and non spatial data creation
  8. Map symbology
  9. Map layout
  10. Map designing and publishing
  11. Satellite Imagery Analysis
  12. Types of satellite data used
  13. Spatial Editing Tools
  14. Buffer Analysis
  15. Orthorectification
  16. Mosaic
  17. Spatial Adjustments, rubber sheeting, topology, edge matching
  18. Land use Land cover analysis
  19. Terrain Analysis
  20. Hydrology Analysis
  21. Digital Elevation Modelling
  22. DEM, DTM, DSM
  23. 3D Analysis
  24. 3D Modelling
  25. Web Mapping
  26. Interpolation
  27. Network Analysis

The tools mentioned above are mostly used in all gis related activities globally.

The fee includes course materials which will be made available to trainees both during and after the training completion. Trainees will receive course materials in pdf format, a zipped folder with exercise database modules, and a certificate of training completion.

Training Cost: USD $369.00/-

Indian Citizens: Rs 24000.00/-  


Interested to join the training?

To join the training, fill the google form attached below. Fill in all the details and submit it for persual. You will receive a confirmation email on the email id provided by you within 12 hours. You will be provided with payment details to submit you training fee. Post payment confirmation you will automatically receive payment receipt and further details to start the training. Instructor details will be shared with you and a suitable class time will be provided as per your convenience.

You can also contact us directly via phone call/ what’s app call or email.

Call at: +919916302284

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What if you miss a class?

If you are unable to attend a class, the topics will be covered in the next session.

We hope we have provided all your possible questions. For any further question please contact us at

Applicable Fields:


Environmental Science

Civil Engineering


Infrastructure Development



Urban Rural Development




Marine Studies



Disaster Management

SSC (10+2)


Phd scholars


Working Professionals

One stop Solution for all your GIS needs.