What are hiring managers looking for in a GIS Specialist?

Posted on | May 19, 2021 

With business becoming more innovative, information technology is also continually growing. Every bit of information gathered or collected from the cutting-edge and forefront technologies today is being substantial for manipulating, monitoring, analyzing and predicting discrete, spatial and non-spatial data. The present industrial world and different organizations namely environmental, agricultural, business, and lot more sectors are all directly  or indirectly dependent on geographical data such as geospatial data, georeferenced  data or geodata. The information technology is dominating the industrial world today. Having its root from the science of Geography, GIS is not only about Geographic Information System or applying the tools in the field of geography and environmental Science but also deals with big data, real-time information and can be applicable in all fields. Geographic Information System can not only collect or preserve former data but can also extract images of an area from different time period. GIS has a broad scope in educational as well as career prospects and is in great demand in the industrial world.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR A GIS SPECIALIST TODAY                               

A person having specialization in the field of GIS is in demand  and has a great job opportunity in the industry .With more and more complex data that is being generated, the hiring managers in different business sectors, organizations and industries have lot of expectations from the GIS specialists they hire. It is said that computer science online, mobile technology, data security and big data will be the core of most of the organization’s infrastructure, products and services which will be web-based applications. It will be the job of a GIS specialist to make this information more accessible and usable for the common people. The employment of GIS Specialists and cartographers are expected to increase within the next three to four years which is faster than all occupations implying employers seek for those who have practical experience in addition to education.

The application of Geographic Information System is limited only by the imagination of those who use it.               

 – Jack Dangermond-


Some of the qualities and skill sets that hiring managers are looking for in a GIS Specialist are-

  • A GIS specialist first of all should have a great skill of understanding computers and knowledge of multiple programming languages specially Python, JavaScript , R and. A good knowledge on various technology methodologies and applications are also a prerequisite.
  • A GIS specialist should be proficient in GIS software’s and data management and should have the ability to manipulate and configure complex databases.
  • A GIS specialist should be an expertise in mapping, geospatial modelling, spatial and non-spatial analysis in the databases by implementing Geographic Information System techniques.
  • Along with having excellent verbal and written communication skills, a GIS specialist must also be meticulous and analytical thinker and contemporary with the latest developments in the GIS field.
  • Web programming will be an increasingly useful skill the hiring managers would look for in a GIS Specialist as online and mobile mapping are swiftly expanding.


A GIS Specialist in today’s industrial world has load of responsibilities apart from managing databases and map making. Their daily activities may include data entry in GIS database such as coordinates, digitization, map images, satellite imageries and preparing thematic maps for environmental or educational purposes. A GIS specialist is expected to execute several tasks such as cooperating, demonstrating maps , graphs and outputs of different kind of analysis performed and dealing with clients in transportation companies, planning departments and other organizations. They present information to   clients and stakeholders in verbal or written format. A GIS specialist provides support, analyze problems, and identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and helps in decision making of a work plan for complex projects.

For a professional choice of career, GIS is a safe career path, exciting and adventurous and will be in demand for a very long time. It has made much easier in understanding the environment, its geographical spread and distribution patterns by applying geospatial tools.GIS does not put a halt in opportunities for working as it can be done anywhere whether office or home. All that needs to be done is install the software and implement the tools. GIS together with the evolving technology is changing the way world works.