Course : 3 Months Advanced GIS & Remote Sensing Development Training.

“Charting Excellence: Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing Training”


About This Course

This is an advanced GIS and Remote Sensing Training focused to provide advanced analytical and methodological skills in Geographic Information System, Remote sensing, Geospatial data science, very high resolution satellite imagery analysis, and their applications in various field.

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Basic to Advance Level Training Module.

Best For students, researchers, professionals, urban planners,   anyone seekingfor career advancements

  • Live classes with practical hands on training sessions.
  • Designed for students & working professionals
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Dedicated trainer
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer. 
  • Mac / Windows Operating System.
  • Optical Mouse.
  • Headphones with mic.
  • Internet connection.
  • 4GB DDR3 / DDR4 RAM (recommended)
  • SSD (optional)
  • Graphics Card (Optional)

Course Name: 3 Months Advanced GIS & Remote Sensing Training.

Course Duration: 3 Months 

Class Duration: 1 hour per class / Monday to Saturday / Tri – Weekly Classes

Certificate Training. 

For Class Timings Contact us. 

Mode of Training: Instructor Led Live Online Interactive Class.

INR Price: Rs 36,000/-  (Monthly Instalment Available)

USD: $ 600/- (For International Students, Inc. all taxes)

Frequently asked question:-

Question 1: When does admission start?

Answer: Instant Enrolment: Begin Classes as Early as the Following Day. Admissions Open Year-Round: Experience Tailored Learning with Personalised 1-to-1 Instruction

Question 2: When can we enrol for class?

Answer: Enrol Anytime: Join Our Individualised Training with Year-Round Admissions. Year-Round Intake: Embrace Personalised Learning through 1-to-1 Training, Anytime

Question 3: What will be the class timings?

Answer: Class timings are flexible. Flexible Learning Hours Adapted to Suit Your Learning Needs. We have Tailored Time Slots Class Timings Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Question 4: How to take Admission ?

Answer: Fill the admission form. (Admission process details)

Question 5. What is GIS (Geographic Information System)?

Answer: GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is a technology that allows individuals to capture, analyze, interpret, and visualize geographical data to make informed decisions. It combines spatial (maps) and attribute (data) information to solve complex problems related to geography.

Question 6. Why should I consider taking GIS training classes?

Answer: GIS skills are highly sought after in various industries, including urban planning, environmental science, healthcare, and more. Learning GIS can enhance your career prospects and enable you to work on projects involving location-based data analysis and visualization.

Question 7. What are the prerequisites for GIS training classes?

Answer: Prerequisites can vary, but a basic understanding of geography and computer skills is helpful. Familiarity with software like ArcGIS, QGIS, or others may also be beneficial, depending on the course level.

Question 8. What software will I be using in GIS training classes?

Answer: The software used depends on the course . Common GIS software includes ArcGIS, QGIS, EVNI, Erdas, and various web-based mapping tools. Make sure to check the course syllabus or description for specific software requirements.

Question 9. How long do GIS training classes typically last?

Answer: The duration of GIS training classes varies widely. Short courses may last a few days, while comprehensive programs can span several months. Consider your learning goals and availability when choosing a course.

Question 10. Can I learn GIS on my own, or is formal training necessary?

Answer: You can learn GIS on your own through online tutorials, books, and free software. However, formal training provides structured learning, hands-on exercises, and the opportunity for expert guidance, which can accelerate your learning.

Question 11. What career opportunities are available after completing GIS training?

Answer: GIS training can open doors to careers in urban planning, environmental science, geospatial analysis, forestry, public health, and more. GIS professionals are in demand across various industries.

Question 12. Are there any certifications available after GIS training?

Answer: Yes,  Earning a GVI® certification can enhance your credentials and career prospects.

Question 13. How can I finance my GIS training?

Answer: Financing options vary, but you can explore scholarships, grants, employer-sponsored programs, and flexible payment plans. 

Question 14. Is GIS training suitable for beginners with no prior experience in mapping or geography?

Answer: Yes, our GIS training classes cater to beginners and assume no prior knowledge. Look for our introductory courses to build a strong foundation.

Question 15. How can I make my training fee payment?


  1. Bank Transfer: Initiate a bank transfer using the provided account details. Don’t forget to include your name in the transaction details for easy identification.
  2. Secure Transactions:  Online Banking/NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/UPI/Western Union Money transfer. 
  3. Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the payment process, our customer support team is ready to assist you. Reach out via phone or email for guidance.
  4. Receipt Confirmation: Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive an email confirmation and a digital receipt for your payment.
  5. Payment Deadlines: Be mindful of payment deadlines to secure your spot in the course. Late payments might incur additional charges or affect your enrollment status.
  6. Payment Options: We offer various payment options for your convenience, including one-time payments, installment plans. Choose the one that suits your financial situation best.