Ongoing Projects & Research Studies- GVI®

  1. Creation of Land base Maps with Road Attributes. AOI: Asansol, West Bengal. (Client Based Project) 2023
  2. Land Surveying and GIS Mapping of Government land parcels and Updation in LIS (Government of India) using Remote Sensing Data and GIS. Ministry of Culture Assam, Government of India 2023.(Ongoing project) 
  3. Roof top solar energy harvesting in Regional Science Center (completed- sponsored by regional science centre, Government of Assam )
  4. Site Suitability for Rain Water Harvesting. Key areas of research: Underground water availability using survey equipments & potential mapping zones (completed)
  5. Geospatial mapping of crime density areas in Dispur local station Assam (ongoing)
  6. Issue based Geospatial solutions for election campaigns, AOI: Delhi, Assam, Guwahati (ongoing)
  7. Land Survey Database Creation for various districts in India (Ongoing 2022)
  8. GIS Based cadastral mapping for tracing illegal Land Encroachment in Kampur metro- Real time web based maps for properties registered and non registered in Land Revenue Department GOA (ongoing 2022)