Course: Working with LiDAR Data in GIS®

Get an in depth understanding on LiDAR concepts, Data interpretation, System Variations and Algorithms. Most valuable and on-demand training program for upgrading your skills. Simple and easy to learn, with simplified training modules for beginners and new learners. Upgrade your old geospatial skills with the current and emerging technologies for a better career and promotional qualifications. 

Professional Certification = YES

Professional Industry Relevant Training Program. Easy learning modules with personal instructor for the best & quick learning experience. 

LiDAR is a technology which will be widely adopted in the coming years in various industries. It is mostly used in survey and remote data collection and can used in a variety of applications. Learn and be industry ready for career upgradation.

Course Introduction

Lidar Data in GIS Certificate Program®  trains you in Lidar data handling (Light detection and ranging sensors, Remote sensing technology uses, Photogrammetry, geographical information systems. This course is aimed to focus on  and Data science as add on skill for data visualisation and analysis. The course is especially designed on the principals of practicality and quick gis response back system with AI and cloud Technologies.

In this ever demanding global industry, it is very necessary to be in the competitive edge. Take a career path which is long lasting and rewarding. The need of geospatial applications and geo spatial data analysis will increase perpetually in the coming year

Aim of the course

The course focuses on giving you hands on experience with the leading remote sensing technologies and software with high accuracy outputs and computations.Light Detection and Ranging what we call it as LiDAR is the leading technology and gaining popularity in the paradigm of terrain mapping with abundance of advantages when combined with the Geospatial Technology to conduct analysis, manage, visualize and disseminate the data in applications such as floodplain mapping, urban planning, hydrology and volumetric calculations.

Course Overview

The program is designed to indulge learners into moving a step ahead with the leading technology. Explore with point cloud data, sharpen your skill with mapping, manipulating, investigating and detecting events.

Benefits to the Trainees:

  • Explore and have a clear idea on why we use LiDAR Technology today
  • Working principles of LiDAR Technology
  • Vehicles and sensors used
  • Point cloud data manipulation
  • Application based training

Who Is This Program For?

  • Under Graduates
  • Post Graduates
  • Engineers
  • Planners
  • Technology enthusiasts

Industry Projects

  • Construction quality with Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Precision farming
  • Build Digital Elevation Models
  •  Locate subtle terrain anomalies in the ground
  • Detect Morphological features

Overall Course Structure

The training module given below shows the highlights of the topics. People with bare minimum knowledge of Lidar can also take this course. This is an industry relevant training module for understanding and getting hands on applications on working with Lidar Data for an optimum learning experience

Month 1

  • Introduction to LiDAR?
  • Data Pre-processing
  • LiDAR Filtering
  • Point cloud attribute querying and analysis
  • Filtering based on classification and return type
  • Filtering based on elevation range
  • Removing noise points
  • Thinning a point cloud
  • Measuring point cloud coverage area
  • Creating point cloud data using the Pixels to Points Tool

Month 2 

  • LiDAR Data Editing

  • LiDAR Segmentation
  • Reprojecting LiDAR
  • LiDAR rectification
  • Introduction to classification
  • Why classifying LiDAR data is important?
  • Feature extraction- Part-1

  • Feature Extraction-Part-2

Month 3

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) creation
  • Triangulating LIDAR points
  • Model Creation
  • Terrain painting
  • Detecting change using a DSM
  • Working with Data in GIS & Lidar software
  • Creating a 3D mesh from point cloud data or reclassified data
  • Exporting in .las or .laz format
  • Working with 3D LiDAR data 

Course Fee & Training

Course Name : Working with Lidar Data in GIS® (Certificate Course)

Duration : 3 Months (Monday to Friday / 5 class per week/1 hour per class)

Cost = INR Rs 36,000/- (inclusive all taxes)

After 30% fee waiver new cost = Rs 25,200/-  (you save Rs 10,800/-)

For International Students = UDS $499/- (inclusive all taxes) 

 This fee includes course material, which will be made available to all participants both during and after the conclusion of the training. 

Mode of Training : 1:1 live online training with GIS Instructor

Class Timings: Available between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm IST (consult with instructor for a suitable time as per your convenience post fee payment) 

Training materials : GIS Geodatabase and invaluable presentations will be provided and installed on your system for easy learning

Payment options : Secure Transactions with Online banking/Google Pay//NEFT/IMPS/Account Deposit

Please note: This fee includes course material, which will be made available to all participants both during and after the conclusion of the training. 
Important notice: Limited seats available. If you are interested, kindly confirm your joining status by filling the enquiry form.  Payment details given below. Post payment you will automatically receive payment receipt and access further information via email.