Geographic Information System (GIS): Workshops Completed @ GVI®

Last Updated : 14 JANUARY 2022

What you can Expect ?

Learn how to make maps and the fundamentals of map making. Introduction to GIS & Mapping, Remote sensing techniques, Data analysis, data visualization. Attendees are familiarised about the future prospects in jobs and career opportunities or how they can build up their own GIS career in different industries creating a job market for themselves. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be familiar with the following topics:

Principles of data visualization and analysis

Sources and techniques for the acquisition and management of spatial data

Methods and techniques for the visualization of spatial data

Techniques for the identification of statistical spatial 

Techniques for the incorporation of spatial information in more traditional regression methods



The most recent live stream workshop on GIS & Remote Sensing

The workshop was conducted on the most recent updates that is currently used in Geospatial Technology. This workshop focused on the emerging uses of GIS and its applications on various resource management in Tezpur. Key words: Health Data Visualisation, urban sprawl, Deforestation management, Animal trafficking and management 

Prerequisites & requirements

  1. Each participant should have their own or shared laptop/desktop computer with QGIS, MS office, GeoDa, Google earth downloaded or pre installed in their computer system. 
  2. Each participant should have basic computer knowledge and introductory knowledge about GIS
  3.   Each Participant should have proper internet connection to attend online online workshops.

Location :

Covid-19 update : Following covid protocols all workshops are conducted in Online or Live stream. Remote training takes places over live online sessions. Please note this is not a pre recorded video session. All workshops are conducted over live sessions with screen or desktop sharing facility. 

Registration Fee:

Students/Phd/Post Doc: Rs 150/-

Faculty/Academic Staff/Non-Profit Organizations/Government Agencies : Rs 250/-

Registration Fee: This fee includes course material, which will be made available to all participants both during and after the conclusion of the training. 

Scholarships Available:

Scholarships are available for the GIS Workshop.