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  • Geology Data Analysis / Mineralogy Analysis  / Satellite Data Analysis / Sedimentology Analysis with Geospatial Technology / Remote Sensing / deposit geology / Hydrogeology / Data Processing & Analysis / 100% Professional Job Oriented Course
  • Public Notice:  This is a highly curated and tailored course made after spending years of expertise in the geospatial domain to meet the requirements of the industry in various Geocortex. 
  • Course Name: Applied GIS in Geology® (Professional Industry Relevant GIS Training Program)
  • Professional GIS Certification : Yes
  • Class duration : 1 hour per class / 3 classes per week 
  • Course duration : 3 Months 
  • Audience : Undergraduate Geology Students | Post Graduates Geology Research Scholars | Phd. Scholars | Professionals | Geologists |  Corporate Geology Specialists | Geological Scientists
  • Mode of Training : GIS training is available as online live training. Online live training (remote live training) is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop with your personal instructor aka GIS expert with more than 10 yrs of industry experience.


  • Please Note : The course fee includes training materials, softwares, geodatabases, invaluable presentations and other essentials which will be provided to all participants during and after the training.
  • Price : Rs 36,000/- (inclusive all taxes) For 3 Months instructor led live 1:1 Online Training Class

  • International Students : USD $650 /-  For 3 Months instructor led live 1:1 Online Training Class Sessions

Course Overview

Applications of Geospatial  Technology for Geological discipline is some of the most advanced uses of GIS.  Geology and GIS have developed important role together as GIS helps in mapping, visualising and analysing different types of geological data from ground to computer based mapping systems. Geological data monitoring, quality checking, data combination and various other aspects of geology can be done through GIS. Spatial technology solves and fulfills the limitations faced by geologists in a new way and the applications of GIS in Geology will eventually increase in the comming years.

Aim of the course

  1. This course gives your theoretical understandings and a practical vision.
  2. Analytical data of rocks, soil, volcanic data, hydrology data, sediment analysis, depository analysis etc can be plotted and mapped 
  3. Get professional skills of GIS and make yourself industry ready.

About the course

  1. This course gives you the perfect platform to enhance your imaginative skills into analytical skills.
  2. Geoinformatics has basic to advanced level tools and extensions for any kind of data inputs and obtain results in various ways.
  3. The course improves your skills in data representation, data management, data manipulation and data visualization.

Course Outline Highlights

  • Spatial Analysis in Geology
  • Spatial Modelling for Geological database
  • Monitoring and modelling the changes in land dynamics
  • Geospatial and Spatial Data
  • Vector data & Raster Data
  • Projection and coordinate systems 
  • Geological Mapping
  • Creation of 3 Models
  • Land prediction model Creation and analysis
  • #Geostatistical Analysis
  • Environment monitoring and management systems
  • Finalisations and optimisations
  • Publish maps

Top skills you will learn in this course

  • Database management
  • Data collection techniques
  • Data conversion in usable formats
  • Data visualization and advanced mapping skills with thematic mapping
  • Predictive data analytics with field data collection
  • Location based suitability analysis
  • Prepare your own raw database for analytical processing
  • Turn your cognitive skills into analytical skills
  • Explore the different themes of Geography in one platform in integration with the advanced technology
  • Provides you with an opportunity to exhibit in the different fields of application
  • Expertises and makes you ready for real-time field projects

Please Note : If you want to join the training program kindly fill the admission form. Our team will get in touch with you once we receive your joining application.

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