Learn  GIS integrated with Geo Data Science Technology. One of the most demanding skill set and the most valuable career combination in the Global Market.

This is a  GIS and Spatial Data Science integrated Post Graduate Program. This is a cross disciplinary joint program offered by Gis Vision India. In this ever demanding global job market, only learning GIS is not sufficient, so to be in the competitive edge upgrade your skill set which is long lasting and rewarding as the need of geospatial applications and GIS data generation will increase perpetually in the coming years.

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer. 
  • Mac / Windows Operating System.
  • Optical Mouse.
  • Headphones with mic.
  • Internet connection.
  • 4GB DDR3 / DDR4 RAM (recommended)
  • SSD (optional)
  • Graphics Card (Optional)
  • Post Graduates
  • Research scholars
  • Under Graduates

This course is aimed for those who are interested to learn about GIS, applications of Data Science in spatial data analytics, python programing in spatial sciences, Remote Sensing, Lidar data analysis and visualization and their industry applications. 

Course Outline Download PDF

  • GIS Analysts
  • Remote Sensing Specialists
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Geospatial Data Scientists
  • Geographers
  • Forestry Analysts
  • Agriculture Specialists
  • Research Scientists
  • Meteorologists
  • Develop and maintain GIS data resources
  • Assist with data collection with GPS and field survey
  • Digitise, create, maintain, display and update GIS databases, coverages, and linkages to various GIS databases
  • Produce high precision maps
  • Ensure data accuracy

Software & Technologies

GIS, Erdas, Python, Data Science, Machine Learning Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing,  

Prerequisite Skills


Course Name: GIS Analyst Post Graduation Program.

  • Course Duration: 6 Month  
  • Class Duration: 1 hour per class/ weekly classes
  • Certificate Training
  • Placement Assistance 
  • For Class Timings Contact us 
  • Mode of Training: Instructor led live interactive online class