Research & Internship

GIS VISON INDIA provides career focused students, researchers or graduates every aspect of research-service and academic administration which will benefit for academic excellence.  We organise Research activities and training programs in hotspots of GIS skill Requirement.

Research Insight:  Learning with GIS gives graduates a competitive edge from others in many fields. GIS  will support interactive visualization, data analytics, spatial analysis,  to advance the spectrum of academic disciplines.

Research projects completed using GIS  and Remote Sensing mentioned below:

  1. Solar energy harvesting in Bangalore university
  2. Rain water harvesting using GIS .
  3. Designing and Modelling of Bannerghetta National Park
  4. GIS Mapping and Hydrological Analysis of Mysore zoo
  5. Hydrological Analysis to reduce wetness points in golf course
  6. Map depicting Crime rate and crime analysis
  7. Jurisdiction mapping
  8. Map Visualising Urban flood monitoring forecast and analysis of Bangalore city.
  9. Maps identifying areas of rain water accumulation, flow length, flow direction etc.
  10. GIS Mapping for Health Insurance companies- Demographic Analysis, Route mapping, finding new markets, estimate demands, Traffic patterns
  11. Maps showing optimised school bus routing and students Traffic management/density mapping for green environment.
  12. Ward mapping for elections and ward development.
  13. Polling booth mapping for smart elections management.

GIS students do amazing things and build outstanding projects on the software’s platform in and around the world. As a result careers in GIS are in demand more than ever. Equipped with data visualization and spatial analytical skills GIS people qualify for occupation in countless fields.