Benefits of Publishing Paper/Research Article for students, teachers and professionals

A meaningful research project is an art of passion. To establish your research questions and findings among peer-review, it requires clarity of thought and language. The following aspects are particularly of importance in this regard:

1) Having a strong review of literature: To introduce a research question, a narrative comprising of history, current research and the scope of your findings is desirable. This leads to scientifically sound research hypothesis followed by well-structured aims and objective within the desired word limit.

2) A strong command on scientific literature writing and grammar: Most international journals and University thesis supervisors require higher English standards and grammar for acceptance. Naturally, a well presented manuscript with correct English is the utmost service that you can do for your years of labour.

3) Original content: Writing a literature review or the background of a thesis requires a substantial literature reading and inclusion of particular and relevant reference. Despite utmost caution, many a times, certain sections of a thesis may lack required originality when judged through modern plagiarism checking software. Paraphrasing is a skill that can reduce plagiarism and produce original content as per requirement.

4) Correct analysis and presentation of data: Publications attain higher impact if data is analysed as per journal requirement and presentation is at par to international journal standards. Limited data if presented effectively can lead to publication of an otherwise rejected manuscript.

5) Referencing: Manuscripts of any kind requires elaborate referencing. A well referenced paper or thesis is essential for publication as well as reader’s satisfaction. Different journals opt for different referencing methods and hence manuscripts need to be regularly updated for references before considering submission to a new journal.

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