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Add value to your projects with GIS Technology. Make accurate, professional and effective  project reports for your clients and add value to your work.

GIS based project designing & management /GIS for Tracking data Analysis / Prevent Extinctions / Habitat Maintenance  / Rehabilitation / Satellite Imagery Analysis / Vulnerability Analysis / Preparing GIS layers / Map Designing and many more.

Public Notice:  This is a highly curated and tailored course made after spending years of expertise in the geospatial domain to meet the requirements of the industry in various Geocortex. 

Course Name: Applied GIS in Wildlife Monitoring & Tracking Systems® (Professional Industry Relevant GIS Training Program)

GIS Certification : Yes

Class duration : 1 hour per class / 5 classes per week / Monday to Friday 

Course duration : 1 Month 

Audience : Undergraduates, Post Graduates, Forest Rangers, Wildlife Guards, Environmentalists, Project Assistants, Biologists, Wildlife Conservationists 

Mode of Training : GIS training is available as online live training. Online live training (remote live training) is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop with your personal instructor aka GIS expert with more than 10 yrs of industry experience.

From 32,000/- INR onwards 

30% Course Fee Discount Applied = 22,400/- INR 

Please Note : The course fee includes training materials, softwares, geodatabases, invaluable presentations and other essentials which will be provided to all participants during and after the training

Course Overview

The course introduces you with the visuals of how the world has turned into, the needs and ways of managing the wildlife population. GIS is one of the key to protecting and preventing the wildlife species from extinction. GIS and Remote Sensing helps gain insights on various geospatial layers, superimposing multiple databases and extracting possible solutions and ways for suitability assessment.

Aim of the course

  • To prepare you for the real-time data analysis
  • Guide you with the management practices, understand the need of wildlife management
  • Understand, monitor, visualize and analyse the different parameters using the leading geospatial technology and tools

About the course

  • The course is like a beam of light directing you towards the best and possible ways to understand the relationship, identify patterns and changes
  • The course allows you to create multiple layers using different map projections
  • The course uses software and tools used by professionals
  • Helps you with database management, data compilation and analyse mapped information

Course Outline Highlights

  • Data collection using GPS and satellite imageries from remote sensing sources
  • Species population and distribution
  • Land use and land change mapping
  • Monitoring activities of conservation activities
  • Analyzing river network
  • Mapping habitat vulnerability and suitability zones
  • Conservation planning of the species
  • Monitoring wildlife behaviour
  • Monitoring wildfires and strategies for prevention

Top skills you will learn in this course

  • Skill in understanding how environmental changes are affected using remote sensing and various other data types and sources
  • Statistical modelling, 3D modelling and environmental threats
  • Predictive modelling

Benefit to trainees

  • Better understanding of data and analytical inputs required for mapping
  • Use of model making software for better visualization and enhancing your cognitive skills
  • Apart from the land use and forest cover, also explore and understand the other important parameters  with the study of wildlife management

Important Notice : If you want to join the training program kindly fill the admission form and complete your course fee payment. Post payment you will automatically receive payment receipt and access further information via email. Our team will get in touch with you once we receive your joining application. 

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