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Project Based learning- Apply GIS in Military based operations

Add value to your projects with GIS Technology. Make accurate, professional and effective  project reports for clients and add value to your work.

Learn Geospatial Mapping in Military Operations /  Communication / Coordinate Systems / Accuracy Implementation in Maps / Field Operations Management / Spatial Data Creation and Maintenance / Terrain mapping / GPS / GIS / Satellite Imagery Analysis and many more essential in Military Operations 

 Public Notice:  This is a highly curated and tailored course made after spending years of expertise in the geospatial domain to meet the requirements of the industry in various Geocortex. 

Course Name: GIS Training in Oil, Gas & Pipeline Management Systems ® (Professional Industry Relevant GIS Training Program)

Professional GIS Certification : Yes

Class duration : 1 hour per class / 5 classes per week / Monday to Friday 

Course duration : 1 Month 

Audience : Oil, Gas & Pipeline Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Project Analysts, Oil & Gas Inventory Managers, Professionals

Mode of Training : GIS training is available as online live training. Online live training (remote live training) is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop with your personal instructor aka GIS expert with more than 10 yrs of industry experience.

Price : Rs 22,000/- INR 

Please Note : The course fee includes training materials, softwares, geodatabases, invaluable presentations and other essentials which will be provided to all participants during and after the training

Course Overview

Applied GIS in Military is a very excellent and useful tool for communication, coordination, control and commanding operations. GIS makes itself the asset with its ability to provide accurate and spatial information for quick decisions, planning and strategizing, improve mission effectiveness and operations. Data gathering on routing, filtering, analyzing and data representation in the form of digital maps or 3D visualization are some of the important roles GIS plays.

Aim of the course

  • Terrain evaluation is of utmost importance in military. The course aims at providing insights on terrain conditions, elevations and information required for sensitive military operations.
  • Aims at keeping you updated with the technology, tools and extensions and the spatial information required and sources of obtaining it
  • To improve your spatial query skills, expressions, functions and commands

About the course

  • The course content has diversified use of tools and algorithms for communications planning, logistics management and command control
  • Gives importance on the usage of location based data collection and concept of coordinates, reference systems, projections and the other cartographic ways of representing data
  • The course gives a clear understanding of the dynamics and essential elements to use with the advanced technological uses with greater accuracy
  • Focuses mainly on the Military Grid Reference System(MGRS) making it easier to interpret and decode the spatial data

Course Outline Highlights

  • Spatial data collection and mining
  • Data evaluation
  • Digital mapping
  • 3D visualization of database
  • Terrain evaluation
  • Land cover analysis
  • Vegetation cover analysis
  • Road networks and communication
  • GPS data interpretation

Top skills you will learn in this course

  • The most important and needful skill you will learn is the terrain interpretation.
  • Learn the quickest and effective ways of decision-making, planning, deploying troops and execution of plans
  • Tracking and tracing out location-based activities
  • Real-time scenario manipulation

Benefit to trainees

  • Explore the intelligence information with remote sensing technology
  • You get a platform to combine and analyse ground situations

Important Notice : If you want to join the training program kindly fill the admission form. Post payment you will automatically receive payment receipt and access further information via email. Our team will get in touch with you once we receive your joining application. 

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