What does a GIS Specialist at multinational companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc do?

Posted on May 29, 2021 | Gis Vision India | Research Team

Location matters in every business sectors and so do data. It is data that connects the companies with their clients. Along with other technological experts, advisors and data miners, GIS specialists in companies like google, amazon , facebook  has responsibilities of a geomarketing intelligence. Collection of database such as income information, population, logistics, checking of sales performances, management, competitor survey, order locations and managing sales are some of the responsibilities. A GIS specialist also checks on client profiles, managing and planning sales, tracking customer locations, site analysis and supply chain.

Clients, data and technology are important assets in every business and with the massive spread all across the globe and keeping track of everything has become easier with the help of GIS specialists and the technology. Tracking and storing data on all customers’ behaviour and activity on the site has become easier with data mining and locational information. In companies like facebook and amazon, capturing all kinds of actions and events from a user liking a product , adding product to cart and purchasing it are all easier which would also indicate in restocking the products in the distribution centre depending on the number of search products in an area. Ratings of purchased products are also important because it reveals what a user feels about it. Recommendation system can assign implicit values on different kinds of user actions and can also take into account ratings and feedback users provide.

Other responsibilities of a GIS specialist in multinational companies

  • Inspect, process and editing of various structured and unstructured dataset
  • Manage geospatial analysis projects through cross-team coordinates and draft scripts to analyze OSM data quality to improve OSM editing tools
  • Communicate detailed analyses to support decision making, creation and reviewing of technical specifications
  • Develop stable processes for data validation for both OSM data products and map quality
  • Provide real time coaching , mentoring and support to new editors, including knowledge of new materials, tools and technologies in a rapidly-changing environment and conduct consistency training to support changing needs of the team for editing and uploading of data

 Know your clients better

  1. Collaborative filtering: Collaborative filtering are recommendation systems that allows multiple ways to find similar users and products and ways to calculate ratings based on similar user’s ratings. The motive is to provide recommendations based on liking of products and services similar to the user’s interest or like.
  2. Customer-specific scorecard: It is a report card that evaluates the customer’s satisfaction, ratings and feedbacks to figure out what customers are looking for, to describe the objectives from customer’s point of view and understanding the client’s opinion and activity.
  3. Real-time store sales modelling: Building a sales prediction model requires historical dataset to estimate the number of sales that will have in the near future and distribution of sales.
  4. Personality Model: OCEAN or five-factor model includes the key attributes of a customer’s personality. Openness to experience new and different things, Conscientiousness in an organized or thoughtful way, Extraversion in the company of others, Agreeable and compassionate towards others and Neuroticism towards environmental or situational factors.

GIS is a form of digital mapping technology