GPS Survey, GIS (Geographical Information System), Remote Sensing Data Analysis services. In Manipur, Imphal, Bishnupur, Tamenglong, Senapati, Imphal West.

GVI® provides the best and affordable mapping and survey services in entire North Eastern region. Our team will travel to the site understand the work plan, do the site survey plan and get the most accurate data possible. Post surveying our team will get back the survey data to our back end office and start the post data analysis work. 

Web Mapping Services (WMS): These services allow users to access maps over the internet. They often provide layers of geographic data that users can overlay on base maps, allowing for visualization and analysis.

Geocoding Services: Geocoding involves converting addresses or place names into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). Geocoding services enable users to find locations on a map based on textual inputs.

Routing Services: These services calculate optimal routes between locations, considering factors such as distance, traffic, and transportation modes. They are commonly used in navigation applications and logistics planning.

Spatial Analysis Services: These services enable users to perform complex spatial analyses, such as proximity analysis, spatial interpolation, and overlay operations. They help users derive insights from spatial data

Custom Map Development Services: Many organizations require specialized maps tailored to their specific needs. Custom map development services create maps with custom data layers, styling, and functionality to meet these requirements.

Real-Time Tracking Services: These services track the real-time location of assets, vehicles, or individuals using GPS or other positioning technologies. They are used in fleet management, asset tracking, and location-based services.

3D Mapping Services: 3D mapping services create three-dimensional representations of geographic features and terrain. They are used in urban planning, environmental modeling, and visualization.

Remote Sensing Services: Remote sensing involves capturing and analyzing data about the Earth’s surface from aerial or satellite platforms. Remote sensing services provide access to satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and other remote sensing data for various applications, including land use planning, agriculture, and environmental monitoring.

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