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Project Based learning- Apply GIS Tools  in Oil & Gas Industry Mapping 

Add value to your projects with GIS Technology. Make accurate, professional and effective  project reports for clients and add value to your work.

 Public Notice:  This is a highly curated and tailored course made after spending years of expertise in the geospatial domain to meet the requirements of the industry in various Geocortex. 

Course Name: GIS Training in Oil, Gas & Pipeline Management Systems ® (Professional Industry Relevant GIS Training Program)

Professional GIS Certification : Yes

Class duration : 1 hour per class / 5 classes per week / Monday to Friday 

Course duration : 1 Month 

Audience : Oil, Gas & Pipeline Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Project Analysts, Oil & Gas Inventory Managers, Professionals

Mode of Training : GIS training is available as online live training. Online live training (remote live training) is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop with your personal instructor aka GIS expert with more than 10 yrs of industry experience.

Price : Rs 22,000/- INR (inclusive all taxes)

Please Note : The course fee includes training materials, softwares, geodatabases, invaluable presentations and other essentials which will be provided to all participants during and after the training

Course Overview

The course is the best investment in terms of technology and projects. Applied GIS in Oil and Gas industry introduces you to the uses and applications  of Geospatial Technology in Oil & Gas Industries. Learn professional GIS tools applicable in Oil & Gas for a better career opportunity. It gives you enrichment and enables in advanced mapping and operational efficiency in integration with location intelligence.

Aim of the course

  • Providing relevant tools for data capturing, analyzing and storing of the sites
  • Opportunity to inspect the different properties and parameters for data layering and mapping
  • Enhance skills on management of field teams
  • To make you a technically sophisticated GIS person

About the course

  • Guides you in increasing efficiency, plan for site location, integrate decision support and the different types of analysis.
  • The course integrates the advanced technologies such as LiDAR, 3D, cloud computing and is expanding to the next level

Course Outline Highlights

  • Data index mapping
  • Block ranking
  • Land management and environmental monitoring
  • Well planning and pipeline routing
  • Field operations
  • Emergency response tools and techniques
  • Vessel tracking
  • Basin Analysis
  • Pipeline Mapping & Statistical Analysis

Top skills you will learn in this course

  • Skills of asset management and maintenance
  • Understand the topological relationships for data quality and extract useful analytics information
  • Use of Remote sensing for understanding terrain stability and potential geo-hazards
  • Present your field work data on paper or digital visualization with numerous layers and features
  • Hands on the various tools to automate workflow for better decision-making

Benefit to trainees

  • Improves and takes you a step ahead with technology.
  • You become the problem solver with timely delivered information and improved cost-effective solutions
  • Become a data miner and interpreter
  • GIS is the tool to deploy through the oil and gas industry life-cycle

Important Notice : If you want to join the training program kindly fill the admission form. Post payment you will automatically receive payment receipt and access further information via email. Our team will get in touch with you once we receive your joining application. 

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