Course: Advanced GIS in Environmental Science Management Systems®

The program helps to understand the industry applications and usages of GIS in Geographical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Zoological  fields and also to achieve a demanding skill set for the most valuable professional career combination. 

Duration : 3 Months

Certificate Training Program®

Project Based Curriculum For Trainees

Beneficial For : Environmental Science | Earth Science | Geology | Geography | Agriculture | Forestry | other similar domains in natural resource management 


Course Introduction

This is a domain specific program in geoinformatics and remote sensing technology for earth Science background students. This is a certificate course in GIS Professional Training for geography/environmental studies/agricultural science/geology scholars. Gain a high-level understanding of GIS data analysis and mapping in the recently introduced course for earth science students. Guide through data-driven projects with new-age technologies and gain more confidence.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Aim of the course

The main aim of this course is to help students learn and understand the industry applications and usages of GIS in Geography and Earth Science fields and also to achieve a demanding skill set for the most valuable professional career combination. 

About the course

This 3 Months GIS Program is ideal for students and professionals who want to acquire in depth knowledge of GIS applicability in Geophysical and Earth Science frameworks. This course is aimed for those who are interested to learn about the remote sensing and GIS technologies and their applications in various fields.

  • Environmental Management systems using GIS 
  • Infrastructure Management with GIS
  • Landfill and Land use site assortment
  • Natural resource management systems
  • Watershed Management
  • Spatial Analysis for agriculture, forestry, soil and rock data analysis
  • Terrain Modelling
  • GIS,GPS, DGPS, Land surveying, GIS Data formats and many more.

Personalised Learning Path

This certificate training course is curated to suit each professional’s training needs. The blended learning approach includes online training, virtual learning and live projects. This course includes several transferable skills such as Basic computer skills, Aerial Imaging, Programming concepts for GIS Applications.

Benefit to Trainees

Students who complete the course program will be put under our Placement Incubation Program  as a part of which they will be assisted with interview preparation process. Guidance is also provided on resume profile building and tricks of trade to improve social marketability reach of the resume across industries

Trainees will be provided with GIS Project work under the guidance of Gis Vision India engaging in a collaborative student -mentor interaction

Prerequisite Requirements for Online GIS Training 24×7

  • Laptop/Desktop Computer
  • Windows/IOS Operating System
  • Minimum 4 GB Ram for smooth operation
  • Minimum 8GB free system memory space
  • Headphones with mic
  • Internet connection minimum 2mbps speed

Program Fee Details:

  • Course Name: Advanced GIS in Environmental Science Management Systems®
  • Duration: upto 2 hours per class
  • For International Students = USD $650/- (inclusive all taxes)
  • Mode of Training : 1:1 live online training with GIS Instructor
  • Class Timings: Available between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm IST (consult with instructor for a suitable time as per your convenience post fee payment) 
  • Training materials: GIS Geodatabase and invaluable presentations will be provided and installed on your system for easy learning
  • Training fee payment options : Secure Transactions with Online banking/Google Pay//NEFT/IMPS/Account Deposit
  • Price : Rs 36,000/- (inclusive all taxes) For 3 Months instructor led live 1:1 Online Classroom Training Session

  • International Students : USD $650 /-  For 3 Months instructor led live 1:1 Online Training Class Sessions

Jobs in the field of Geoscience:

The top sectors creating the most Geo information science jobs are BFSI, Energy, Environmental Management, Healthcare Industry, Media, Defence sector, Agriculture and Retail. The maximum demand for Geo Scientists are in the Metros cities like Delhi-NCR,Mumbai, Bangalore. It’s demand is also catching up in emerging cities like Pune and Assam, Meghalaya.

Role of Open Source Tools in Analytics:

Q-GIS and web GIS plugins are easy to learn and maintain and therefore a act as an add-on for developers in Geoinformation Science. Their extended libraries make it possible to stretch the applications of Earth Process Modelling.


Geo Science Projects:

The Indian government has initiated several geo science projects in the fields of Agriculture, Electricity, Water, Healthcare, Education, Road Traffic Safety, and Air Pollution. The Government of India has initiated several geo data science research initiatives as well.

Industry Application of Geodata Science :

Data Science is used for securities fraud early warning, card fraud detection systems, demand enterprise risk management, analysis of healthcare information, seismic interpretation, reservoir characterization, energy exploration, traffic control, and route planning.

Who Should Take The Course?

If you are a student of geography/environmental science/agricultural studies/geology or any other earth science discipline and you want to learn more about the industry applications of GIS and remote sensing techniques used in government organisations, private sectors than this is the course for you. Get excellent knowledge of the GIS tools. Learning this program can excel your technical skill set required at your workplace and boost your confidence. Learn new skills and use it to distinguish yourself for an accelerated career path