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Corporate Solutions

Onboarding Freshers

This is our No.1 Platform for freshers level hiring. Entry level Hiring candidates for recruitment solutions for employers. 

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Upskilling Employees

Upskilling will improve the skill set of the existing employees, by conducting new activities with latest GIS applications and tools that will help them is upgrading themselves to latest developments and trends in the market. The benefits are to better run your organisation. 

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Grooming Leaders

Bring some change, Get your leaders get accustomed and ready with spatial data and mapping skills.

Help them to be ready to build maps, needed in various decision making. Maps can be of great help. Don’t underestimate the potential of locational intelligence. 

Corporate Training

Customised training programs as per your training needs



Level 1- Basic Level Training

Duration- 10 days

Introduction: Learn the basic concept of GIS and fundamental components of map for simple map making and data representation in a basic map. This maps can be used in any type of project where location is a factor.

Audience Group: Beginners, Juniors, Freshers, Students.

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Level 2- Intermediate Training

Duration: 30 Days

Introduction: This training program is designed for mid level companies where they are regularly trying to add value to their work. Trainees will be able to understand how to use locational data in their field of work. 

Audience Group: Project Managers, Data Analysts, Project Administrator, Leaders


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Level 3- Professional Level Training

Duration: 60 Days

Introduction: This is a customised training module provided as per client’s need depending on the project and desired outcome. Hands on Practical Training with a dedicated faculty support.

Domain specific case studies and capstone projects will be provided for hands  on experience. There is also post training assistance available.  

Audience: Managers, Company owners and others.

To Upskill your Team

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