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Welcome to the forefront of future generation geospatial innovation by Geo Vision India. We take immense honour in introducing our dynamic and comprehensive GIS workshops tailored exclusively for both corporate and academic spheres. With a commitment to advancing geospatial understanding and applications, our workshops serve as a gateway to unlocking the full potential of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for a diverse range of industries and educational institutions globally.

At GVI, we recognise the pivotal role that GIS technology plays in reshaping the landscape of decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning. Our meticulously crafted workshops are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that participants are not just informed, but also empowered to leverage GIS tools and insights effectively.

As we embark on this journey of geospatial exploration, join us in unlocking the potential of corporate and academic landscapes through our transformative GIS workshops. Let’s chart a course toward a future enriched by spatial intelligence and innovation.

For the corporate sector, our GIS workshops offer a unique opportunity to harness the power of spatial data for optimizing operations, enhancing resource management, and making informed business choices. Whether your industry revolves around urban planning, logistics, real estate, or any other domain, our workshops provide actionable insights that can drive growth and innovation.

In the academic realm, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of GIS professionals and enthusiasts. Our workshops are structured to align with academic curricula, supplementing theoretical coursework with hands-on experience. By engaging students in practical exercises and real-world case studies, we empower them to become adept GIS practitioners and problem solvers, setting a solid foundation for their future careers.

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On behalf of the Department of Geography, Kamala Nehru College, thanks to GIS Vision, India for conducting the two day online workshop Training Sessions “Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing and its career opportunities” on 24th and 25th January 2022. Thanks to the Resource Person, Malin Hansepi for the informative and interactive presentation. The presentation made the students further aware of the various applications of this technology and its career opportunities and the interactive practical session helped students to explore various functions of the QGIS software.
Prof. Pratibha Bhalla
Teacher in charge | Kamla Nehru College | New Delhi
Dear team, GIS Vision India, Thank you for conducting the 2-day Faculty Development Program Workshop on Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing for the 5th semester students of St. Mary’s College, Shillong. The workshop was well conducted. It was very exhaustive, with a very wide coverage. It was very informative and students as well as teachers learned new aspects on the topics covered. The GIS maps made it even more interesting, particularly as it showed places known to students and they could relate to these places. The topic on the applications of GIS in various fields were very insightful. The talk on the scope of GIS and RS, the various opportunities in this field for Geography students were of great interest to the students. On the whole, a very well prepared and conducted workshop. We hope in the coming years too our students will benefit from more such workshops. Thank you once again
Dr. Krishna Sinha
HOD | Department of Geography | St. Mary's College | Shillong | India
Subject: Letter to appreciate your contribution towards the Workshop and FDP Dear Sir, I would personally like to appreciate all the hard work and diligent effort that you have put into the two days online workshop on GIS and Remote Sensing. It was your persistent hard work that has given us a fruitful eventually. On behalf of the Department of Geography, Modern College and all the participants, I would like to thank you and Madam Malin Hansepi for your services for the last two days. We are grateful to have you as one of the team leads in this workshop and we understand and value your contribution in bringing this workshop fruitful. Without your efforts, this workshop would not have been completed in time and with this kind of quality. All the participants have benefited and it is an eye opener for the College students of Manipur. We are grateful to have you and your teams and we hope to see you grow. Thanking You,
E. Anjushree Devi
HOD | Modern College | Imphal | India
Feedback of GIS Development Training 1. GIS is a very good program for the beginners. 2. For determination of a place or a particular area in the world GIS helpful to us. 3. It also helps to find out the areas covered by particular things viz. River, building, hills etc. 4. It also helps to provide data for region, State , Country or world as a whole. Thanking you Dr. A.Roy.
Dr. Ashutosh Roy
Principal Scientist | Sugarcane Research Station | India
We at our university availed their services to train our faculty members about QGIS. Their trainer Malyn was an excellent instructor. She is patient and knowledgeable, and we learnt a lot at a very comfortable pace. Tha ka to Gis Vision India for providing such an opportunity
Aditya Kapoor | Assistant Professor
Civil Engineer Water Resources | SGT University | Gurgaon Haryana | India
Training Program done successfully in collaboration with Gis Vision India®.
Chandan Bhuyan
Asst. Professor | Royal Global University | Guwahati, Assam | India
Thank you for the session. As a feedback on the session, the resource person covered the overview of GIS effectively
Archana Kumar | Assistant Professor
Dept of Civil Engineering | BMS Institute of Technology | Bengaluru India

Assam University Diphu Campus

Workshop conducted of Geospatial Application in Advanced spatial data Analytics.

Google Review 5 Star Rating

Sigma College of Architecture, Bangalore, Karnataka

Workshop conducted on Applications of GIS in Architecture and Planning. (2022)

Duration : 15 days

Dorjee Khandu Government College, Tawanag, Arunachal Pradesh.  

A Two Days Workshop on Applications of Gis & Remote Sensing in Natural Resource Management at the Department of Geography. 17th & 18th February 2023 

Regional Science Centre, Guwahati Assam

Workshop cum training program on GIS AND REMOTE SENSING (2022)