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GIS based project designing & management / Telecom Sales Marketing and Analysis / Customer Infrastructure data / Building Geodatabase for new Control points / Networking Anatomy & study / Operations cost maintenance / Data Mapping for the best results

Public Notice:  This is a highly curated and tailored course made after spending years of expertise in the geospatial domain to meet the requirements of the industry in various Geocortex. 

Course Name: Applied GIS in Telecom industry® (Professional Industry Relevant GIS Training Program)

Professional GIS Certification : Yes

Class duration : 1 hour per class / 5 classes per week / Monday to Friday 

Course duration : 1 Month 

Audience : Telecommunication Engineers | Telecom Project Managers | Data Analysts & Data Scientists | Telecom Specialists | Postgraduates Research Scholars | Phd. Scholars | Professionals | Engineers |  

Mode of Training : GIS training is available as online live training. Online live training (remote live training) is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop with your personal instructor aka GIS expert with more than 10 yrs of industry experience.

Price : Rs 22,000/- (inclusive all taxes)

Please Note : The course fee includes training materials, softwares, geodatabases, invaluable presentations and other essentials which will be provided to all participants during and after the training

Course Overview

GIS has been a part as an emerging tool for the telecom industry. GIS helps in the rapid expansion in widening reach across geographical areas with improved tools and analysis. The course provides you with materials to create highly accurate maps and visualize information plans in an interactive and effective way

Aim of the course

  • To increase the efficiency in learners with location based analysis, handling big data
  • Makes you realize that geospatial tools are a valuable asset
  • Makes you understand the functionality and availability of the factors in telecom industry.
  • To help you understand the spatial relationships in network and operation platforms for better decision making

About the course

  • The course guides you through the core of GIS applications, its extensive and wide use in the field of telecommunication.
  • GIS in telecommunication is about maps and effective planning networks.
  • It’s a wide study of locations, site suitability, fiber mapping and 3D modelling

Course Outline Highlights

  • Data capturing
  • Data management and processing
  • Network planning
  • Telecom mapping
  • Fiber mapping
  • Capacity Planning
  • Real-time network structure

Top skills you will learn in this course

  • Skills of making each step easier in designing and applying efficient infrastructure with geospatial database.
  • Enhance your skills in the ability to incorporate data layering and analytics.
  • GIS is the lens with which you can view and interrogate big data.
  • Learn the skill of identifying the asset from a bulk of multiple pieces of data.

Benefit to trainees

  • Upgrade yourself with GIS throughout the stages of development
  • Allows you to become a decision-maker and strategist
  • Get the insights that result in smoother operations and make them a reality.

Important Notice : If you want to join the training program kindly fill the admission form. Post payment you will automatically receive payment receipt and access further information via email. Our team will get in touch with you once we receive your joining application. 

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