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Advanced GIS in Solving Civic Issues

Posted by Admin on | April 1st, 2018 

Civic Solutions: We all want a safe and healthy environment in our locality. GIS applications and maps can facilitate majorly in solving civic. GIS applications seems to be efficient in mapping areas where apart from one’s right to vote there are other ways to reduce the inequality in access to essential services, resources, opportunities etc.People behavioral aspects are the root causes which essentially affects the lives of people who share a community. GIS can create public feedback tools and apps where people can directly share their issues to the local governing body where it can be addressed swiftly.

The Administrative governing body can have a location centered map for decision making,  catering to understand the needs of the local resident about their public transportation, decision in making public parks, land management system etc.

GIS can solve the crisis that human have to face in a community based system focused on people. The intelligence of smart utilization of maps with spatial data make smart communities and makes a high value that facilitates open communication with the public that makes worth a life journey.