Big Data integrated with Geospatial Technologies- aided a major technological leap in Indian AssemblyElections

Posted by Admin on | June 3rd, 2018 

Data Analytics in election plays a very important role in the whole election picture. It will help to use data to perform highly effective political campaigns, micro targeting using adds. The election management softwares and Artificial intelligence Technologies will help the candidate to form a coherent picture of how he is going to plan the election.

Now in this digital era we should move to a better future where elections become more technology driven so that the amount of time and work invested for electing the candidate  gets the full result. By analysing large amount of data, we construct patterns that are highly effective on individuals. A combination of both  behavioural insights and big data precision behavioural targeting works. Furthermore in other words, if you want to win an election, you don’t always need to convince someone to vote for you, just to not vote for your rival is another such possibility of using Election Management Solutions.