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Gis Vision India® Associates – Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome to our affiliate marketing program. This program will help organisations, institutions, colleges, universities, educational bloggers, content creators, publishers monetize their traffic. It’s very simple. From all our courses and products, you can use the course or product link and recommend or direct it to your audience and earn from the qualifying product sold. 

1. Sign Up

Join our GVI® associate affiliation program and earn by just recommending our products.


2. Recommend

Share & recommend our training programs and services with your near and dear ones or just advertise our programs on your blogs, posts, websites, bloggers, publishers. 


3. Earn

You can earn upto 20% affiliate fees from verified purchases and make a add on source of income. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the associate program works?

  1. You can associate with us just by joining our associate program free of cost. A associate id will be provided to you through which you can claim your credits. 
  2. After verification you can start recommending our products on your platform or  directly guide customers to contact us with your reference name and reference id.


How do I qualify for this program?

  1. If you or your organisation have a qualifying website, blog page, mobile app, facebook page, twitter account, instagram page you can participate in this program. 
  2. Participants who do not have a social media page or website can also participate as a part of onground or offline program. 


How do I earn?

On successful purchases from your recommended customers we will earn credits. Amount can be redeemed to your bank account  directly. All transactions are secured, encrypted and verified with SSL security.

How can I join?

Sign here or email us your details. 

We will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.