Course : AutoCad Training

Training module

  • Week1: AutoCAD Interface
    Introduction to AutoCAD Tools and Toolbars
    2. Units, templates and Plugins in AutoCAD
    3. Commands in AutoCAD
    Text Command
    Layer Command
    2D and 3D Command
    4. Basic AutoCAD function keys
    5. Loading image in AutoCAD

Geometry creation and modification in 2D objects and layers

Creation and organization of 2D objects using layers, basic drawing tools, ortho and snap
· Drawing basic objects such as lines, circles and hatch objects
· Understanding object snap objects
· Drawing circles using radius and diameter
· Precision drawing using ortho mode
2. Working with objects
· Select and modify 2D objects using window selection, erase, zoom and copy.
· Using the MOVE command
· Using the TRIM command
3. Working with layers and layer settings
· Turn off layers
· Freeze layers
· Lock layers
4. Insert sketches and blocks in AutoCAD
5. Isometric drawings, drafting and view in AutoCAD

  • Week 2: The Boolean operations with CAD systems
    The UNION command
    2. The SUBTRACT command
    3. The INTERSECT command
    4. The INTERFERE command

SOLID editing
1. Editing solid faces
· Extrude
· Move
· Rotate
· Offset


· Copy
· Undo
2. Modify Composite Solids and Surfaces
· Commands for Modelling Composite Objects
· Modify original composites
· Modify complex composites
· Separate discrete objects
3. Dimensions and dimension styles
· Controlling dimension and extension lines
· Controlling Arrowheads
· Location of dimension text
· Appearance of Dimension text
· Display of dimension units and fractions
4. Sketch Visualization and Analysis

  • Week 3: Surface creation
    3D surface Modelling with Procedural and NURBS surfaces
    2. Creation of surfaces from profiles
    3. Convert objects into procedural surfaces
    4. Convert procedural surfaces into NURBS surfaces
    5. Understand surface contiguity and bulge magnitude
    6. Set surface properties before and after creation

Blocks, Attributes and External References
1. Blocks and Attributes
· Create and manipulate block objects
· Inserting block objects into CAD drawings
· Creating Attribute objects
· Insert block objects with attributes
2. Working with External References
· Insert block reference
· Attaching and detaching Referenced Drawings
· Bind Xref to the current drawing
· Convert blocks to Xrefs

  • Week 4: Equations, design table and configurations
    Creating configuration table
    2. Changing table styles
    3. Editing table in CAD
    4. Inserting formula field in table
    5. Application of parametric formulas and equations

Dimensional Constraints
1. Adjust distances between objects or between points on objects
2. Manage angles between objects or between points on objects
3. Control sizes of arcs and circles
4. Compare dimensional constraints with dimension objects

Working Drafting Settings
1. Snap Mode
2. Grid Display
3. Polar Tracking
4. Object Snap/ 3D Object Snap/ Object Snap Tracking
5. Dynamic Properties
6. Selection Cycling


Course Duration and Fee Structure Details:

  • Course Name: Autocad Training 
  • Class Duration: Up to 2 hour per session / Weekly  Sessions / 5 sessions per week
  • Total Hours : 40 Hours of Live Class
  • Program Duration : 1 Month 
  • Training Certificate will be provided post training completion
  • Post training support available 
  • Mode of Training : Instructor Led Live Classroom 1:1 Online Training  
  • Class Timings: Available between 07:00 am to 09:00 pm (Indian Standard Time) 
  • Training Cost : Rs 20000.00/- (all inc. ) 
  • For International Students : USD $253 /- (all inc.)
  • Payment Options : Secure Transactions with Online banking/Google Pay/NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/UPI/Western Union Money transfer. To join for the training please fill the admission form below. You will receive a joining confirmation via call/email from our team with 12 hours. Post payment you will automatically receive payment receipt and access further information via call/email. For any information regarding please contact us.
  • Please note : Fee includes course material, which will be made available to all participants both during and after the conclusion of the training.