Posted BY Admin on | 1st November 2020


Taking Online Courses will prepare you for your next job and increase your chances to get selected for your next job position. When you include online courses and classes in your resume, it will make sure that you are thoughtful in your field of study by applying the best learning strategies and being updated with technology.

You have to make sure that the online course is relevant to you field of study. For example a civil engineering student can include any GIS course in their resume for the job role that requires geographical mapping could be really attracting. It makes recruiters think there’s additional knowledge in the candidate in the field rather than  only having academic skills.

Proper Placing of online course in your resume

Try to keep your resume short and confine them with specific sections. You can categorise your Online programs under a single small section called “Professional Training” and list it on you resume.

Try to Avoid Any Courses that Could Be Considered “Beginning-Level”

You should skip any course that might present you as rookie in that skill area. Including such might mark you as a beginner  and distract the recruiter from your other areas of expertise.

In simple terms, only include courses/programs and skills that enhances you credibility as an expert in your field.

Choose Your Online Course Wisely

You have to very smart where you list online courses on your resume. Choose a program that benefits you the most. Courses should be precise to your subject areas with various domain specific courses available as Online learning Programs. These are the courses which will increase you resume value and your personality traits.

You can use a “Professional Development Certification Programs” – “Professional Training” section (or something similar) to highlight these online courses and skills.

Showcase Your Skills in Project Works/Research Publications

When you take an online courses—it’s how you’ve put that education to work, that really counts.

It is very important to demonstrate and showcase your work with key highlights  that make your skill fresh and updated with the new generation. Don’t just list an online program you took, include a special project, or research work in relation to your academic or professional background that shows the results you have achieved taking the program.

Thanks for reading, hope you gain some additional idea regarding online course benefits.