Web gis/map guide and geoserver

Focus on your learning with your GIS capabilities by knowing the technology inside and out.

Learn how to host and managing your work on the web using Qgis plugins, map guide/geo server.

Get greater productivity , higher performance, better customization and reliability while saving money.

Eligibility: Computer science graduates, IT/ Web Developers

Course Structure:

  1. Basic GIS knowledge/tools
  2. Data exportation formats
  3. Installation
  4. Introduction to Map guide
  5. Introduction to Geoserver
  6. Exploring with the software
  7. Labelling, styling, symbolizing
  8. Data publishing in Web maps
  9. Raster and Vector data publishing
  10. Map compatibility with mobile, tablet and other devices

GIS Certification from GIS VISION INDIA

Live projects will be given to work on after successful completion of the course.( NGO’s, Govt, private organizations)

Want to know something interesting for you? You can now create maps that most industrial and commercial sector wants today using GIS. We love maps so explore, learn and be inspired.  You will be able to create beautiful and powerful maps with the right resources, knowhow and the right knowledge.