Ph.D. is a long journey with a certain stretch of time, that lacks spatial dimensions. However being an doctorate comes with an addition in your name title as”Dr.”

Since it is very critical to maintain a high quality research and scientific english writing during your Ph.d. persuasion, we avail expert guidance and offer the best services in consulting and writing for Ph.d. scholars across the globe.  

Our Services Include

Please select service as per your requirement. You may choose single,multiple or complete package. 

1.Research Topic Selection: Topic selection is based upon

  • Research Theme
  • Research Gaps
  • Methodology
  • Postulated outcomes and their significance
  • Investment and Time requirements
  • Future research
Ph.d. Thesis Research Services
ph.d thesis writing services
Ph.d. M.phil Thesis writing services

2. Research Proposal – Synopsis Writing

  • Introduction/Field of Study
  • Systematic Review of previous work done
  • Research Designing and structuring: includes research gaps, research questions, research hypothesis, milestones to complete
  • Proposed Methodology
  • Timeline for the research

3. Statistical Data Analysis, Interpretation and Representation

  • Data Collection
  • Database creation and Data Management
  • Raw data entry in excel, data structuring and implementing relative calculations through formulas
  • Statistical Data Analysis and Interpretation through data analysis software like Graph Prism, SPSS.
  • Data representation in form of Graphs,Tables, GIS maps
  • ANOVAs, Pearson’s correlation-coefficient, Turkey’s Post Test, Mann Whitney and other important tests and analysis.
  • Results Analysis
Statistical Data analysis services
Ph.d. report writing services

4. Thesis Report Writing

  • Systematically researched Introduction and Content
  • Highly Structured methodology and content structuring
  • Visually beautiful and appealing data representation in results
  • Charts, GIS Maps, Graphs 
  • Language and Grammar as per university standards
  • Referencing as per format
  • Appropriate citation with zero plagiarism report
  • Timely delivery of work with set timelines 

5. Review and Correction

  • One time review and correction is free of cost after suggested changes.
  • Minor changes like spelling errors, chapterisation, arrangement are done free of cost.
  • Major changes like data analysis, english grammar, maps, graphs, charts will be done at an additional cost, as the whole process has to repeated.
  • Powerpoint presentation for the presentation day. (sold seperately)
Ph.d. M.phil review,proof reading services


Synopsis Writing (3000 words) @ INR Rs 15,000/- or 206$ 

Research Proposal (2000 words) @ INR Rs 9,330/-  or 139 $

Statistical Analysis @ INR Rs 25,000/- or 350$ ONWARDS


Fair Policy: We don’t sell any kind of research data or ready made work for submission. No information shall be disclosed with respect to client’s information and research data submitted for analysis or writing. 

100% data confidentiality with full data recovery measures.