Exclusive Geospatial Magazine "GIS Today" First Edition Launch 5th July 2020

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Dear Reader,

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of the GIS today magazine, an initiative by GIS Vision India. GIS today is an e-magazine dedicated to covering most innovative, authentic and cutting edge technology in the field of GIS and remote sensing. GIS today aims towards covering latest developments, applications and future prospects of the technology. The e-magazine intends to establish a global outreach for students, academicians and industrialists through dissemination of current GIS research. The theme of the e-magazine is to keep readers abreast of different aspects of GIS that are incessantly being developed so as to improve assessment and application of technology. The world has woken up to the utility of GIS based mapping and communication and its relevance have been established across numerous fields.

The magazine will feature articles from esteemed personalities both from academia and industry from time to time while also welcoming articles of relevance from anyone and everyone. We welcome you to the world of GIS through the lens of GIS today and encourage you to join our team for publishing your work. Your work published through GIS today will reach out to the global GiS community and help in establishing your presence in the field. 

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