Colleges/University Faculty Development Program- GIS

About The Program: GIS VISION INDIA understand the need of the aspiring students willing to get a hands on experience on the training. We have programs to update the faculties and the students with the knowledge of GIS and Remote sensing techniques, web GIS, by sitting in an interactive session conducted for 5 days in your college campus or university. Students can gain a lot more knowledge and experience in GIS Applications and its usability in the actual ground work level. This Faculty development Program will definitely provide your students with an experience that will change their way of thinking  GIS not only as a subject but also as a career option. 


Prerequisite Requirements for Conducting the Training program at your campus

  • Seminar Hall or Classroom Facility at the site
  • Good Internet Connection speed
  •  Basic understanding of GIS and Remote Sensing

Program Plan Details

Program Duration: 3-5 Days

Mode of Training: For North East Colleges/Universities of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya: On College Campus/University Campus (Onsite location)

For Online Faculty Development Program:  Live Online Classes. Daily 4 Hrs (Need to have a laptop or Computer with Good Internet)

 Dedicated Trainer, Practical sessions. One-on-One Live Training Session.

Student-Mentor Interactive Interaction 

Cutting Edge Curriculum 

Subject Areas Covered

Module 1

Day 1: Seminar and Practical

  • Introduction to GIS
  •  Remote Sensing Techniques
  • GIS AND Remote Sensing Applications
  • Types of Resolutions
  • Digital Image processing
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Georeferencing Techniques
  • Components of Map
  • Data Representation Methods

Day 2: Practical Training 

  • Georeferencing simplified
  • Digitisation/Feature creation
  • Attributes/non spatial Data creation
  • Symbology categories/Understanding the map designing techniques for real time usage.
  • Mapping layout for better data frame utility, map objects insertion  for graphics enhancement. 
Day 3: Practical Training and Revision 
  • Spatial Analysis Tools Introduction and implementation on real time database for accurate understanding- Practical class
  • Proximity Analysis
  • Statistical Analytics and Algorithms calculation
  • SQL- Sequential Query Based Language for GIS data rectification

Module 2

Day 4: Practical Training Session

  • Image Classification Methods and usages
  • Image Mosaic
  •  Terrain Analysis/ Contour Creations/Slope Detection
  • Flood Analysis
  • Hydrological Tools Applications

Day 5: Conclusion Day

  • Introduction to Basic Qgis for better access of differnt software knowledge in relation to market demand
  • Exploring with the software 
  • Measuring distance and area, integrating historical maps in the QGIS plugins
  •  QGIS Browser. Google Earth Applications and advantages.
Vote of Thanks and appreciating the valuable time contributed by the trainees in their learning journey. 
A certificate will be awarded to each participant.

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